Monday, 19 February 2018

Strange Searches On Google .

One of the interesting things about our hobby is the strange subjects and paths of enquiry it leads us down , so it was I found myself looking at pictures of Japanese kimonos to paint up a female figure for my 'Test Of Honour' Samurai project. The one thing that struck me was how bloody complicated they are both in pattern and design with lots of complicated folds and pleats , needless to say I chose a simple one to paint onto my figure . It took two attempts to get it half right, the problem is the designs disappear into the folds and  getting the general layout of the flowers on the dress to look right was hard work . Japanese Geisha's also painted their faces white (another Google search) and sort of drew their eyebrows, lips etc. onto this background . I'm glad I've got it done and equally glad I haven't a unit of them to do ! . Starting painting Royal Horse Artillery for the Crimea an altogether simpler subject next . 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

R.H.A. Head Swaps Complete ! .

Well nursing my sore finger I have completed the swapping of heads to complete my British Crimean War Royal Horse Artillery , here we have a gun and crew about to fire. I used 'green stuff' to provide collars (to hide evidence of surgery) and add water bottles and knapsacks .

This gun is being loaded by it's crew . The alternative heads seem to match well so I'm pleased with these conversions . When the 'green stuff' is set I will spray them with black undercoat and hopefully get them painted later in the week .

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Quest For Royal Horse Artillery .

I have been considering adding a Battery of R.H.A. to my Allied force but have been unable to find a suitable plastic set of figures , I thought I would have to go with metal - then I realised that the Napoleonic R.H.A. uniform was similar but would need a head swap to busbies . I got the above Airfix R.H.A. set off EBay which comes with a couple of guns and a limber .

They have a lot of flash and mould lines but otherwise are nice figures , the guns are a bit chunky but will do . I fitted a brand new scalpel blade especially to clean these up ---

and stabbed myself in the finger end !!!!! , I will draw a veil over the language which was disgraceful !.

Having made the blood sacrifice to the gods of gaming I started decapitating the British figures and these are the head donors - Italeri French Napoleonic Guard Artillery with the required busbies . I am waiting till the finger stops bleeding before the delicate job of head swapping ........

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Body Beautiful.

The more astute readers may have noticed this appearing on my blog and thought - "he's finally cracked".

A ex work colleague  mentioned this challenge to me over Christmas - and of course I mocked him - my default setting when exercise is mentioned , he had done it in 2017 and he thought I should do it - I mocked further ! and then thought - hang on ! - that's only about 3 miles a day - I do that walking the dog ! . I accepted the challenge and borrowed a pedometer , which proved to complicated for my techno challenged brain , so I ordered my own simpler version . This meant I have started a month late so I have to walk on average 3 miles a day - not very far - but It's each and every day and I'm not wearing the pedometer whilst I'm in the house or walking around to the shop , only when I'm actually walking he dog . The main thing is  - I GET TO WEAR A BADGE !  . I will up date my millage every week or so and we will see how I do ! . 

Sunday, 28 January 2018

A Trip to The Model Railway Exhibition.

It was the Lake District Model Railway Clubs show this weekend and as it is a couple of years since I last visited it I thought I would pop in and have a look. I got there promptly to find a queue of elderly men lined up waiting to get in - I joined the queue and blended in well ! . In fact there were so many waiting in the Sports Centre foyer that they opened up early to avoid crowding with all the fit people (or people that wished to be fit) .

One thing I noticed was the abundance of tiny electric lights on the trains and layouts - a development since I last visited .

Sometimes this didn't help with photography - this miniature fire engine had a blue flashing light ! .

I'm always impressed by the level of detail in these layouts , here BT have the road dug up doing repairs . 

I always have a soft spot for the small industrial layouts , here a gravel plant with  narrow gauge track and the working lights everybody seemed to have .

Another part of the layout , I like how the scenery blends into the back board. It was noticeable that most of these train sets were run by grey haired men of a certain age - similar to wargaming shows !.

One of the smallest layouts was only about 3' x 3' and portrayed the Budweiser factory yard with trucks of beer being shunted from one warehouse to the other.

Another view of the factory yard it was only about 18" deep but the warehouse backdrop worked well .

One of my favourites was this set up portraying a logging railway set in 1940s (?)  America , again not very big but done on an L shaped board .

There was again attention paid to small details which helped to tell a story of what was going on .

The great selling point for this layout was running water which flowed over a waterfall and under the railway trestle bridge , much to the entertainment of several small boys (and your author) who wondered were it went ! .

Computerised virtual loco driving - it had to happen ! and the unwitting reflection of me ! 

My modest purchase was from the 'bring and buy' a classic pack of Merit Popular trees for £2 just right for Old School gaming . Overall a grand morning out ! .

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Japanese Bandits.

Finished off painting the Warlord Bandits from their 'Test of Honour' range , they are very fine figures - some of the nicest I've seen for quite a while.

I must admit I borrowed heavily from the paint jobs on the Warlord web site , keeping the colours very earthy and muted as befits outlaws and brigands . I'm quite getting into these tube paints , not sure that I would use them for massed battalions but I painted these figures one at a time and enjoyed using them .